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New JSX Transform in React

22 Sep 2020

New JSX Transform.png

Some times it becomes very easy if we use SVG then other formates. Benefits of SVG are Scalability, Editing capabilities, Animate and etc.

22 Sep 2020

SVG is Good

Best Image alt I have ever seen (a11y)

20 Sep 2020

Best Image alt I have ever seen

AWS EC2 Instance purchasing options. For more details check my blog post

20 Sep 2020

IAWS EC2 Instance purchasing options

Modern img tag

15 Sep 2020

Img tag in 2020.png

Key terminology in AWS IAM

12 Sep 2020


Difference between tilde(~) and caret(^) in package.json? - Technically it is called Semantic versioning, that is what as #javascript developer we have to know in npm.js package.json

1 Sep 2020

Semantic Versioning.png

In Javascript Logical OR || behaviour may cause unexpected consequences if you consider 0, "", or NaN as a valid value. In such a situation we can use Nullish coalescing ??

26 Aug 2020

Logical OR vs Nullish coalescing.png

Javascript Array Destructuring assignment - Swap variables trick

19 Aug 2020

Swap variables trick.png

Simple MarkDown cheatsheet

19 Aug 2020

Mark Down Cheat Sheet.png

General HTTP status codes

19 Aug 2020

HTTP Status code.png

Javascript Array Destructuring assignment - Ignore element using commas

19 Aug 2020

Ignore elements using commas.png